• Find out how you can win $25,000

    Have an idea to revitalize a neighborhood?
    Have a solution to a problem in your community?
    Have an inspiration that’s empowering change?
    Apply now for a Ford College Community Challenge grant.

  • Ford NGL STEAM High School Community Challenge

    High school students from Ford Next Generation Learning communities
    and Powered by Ford STEAM Academies met the challenge to identify and innovate
    a solution to a challenge within their community using a STEAM Approach.
    Six teams displaying outstanding proposals received up to $20,000 to implement their ideas.

  • Welcome to FBON!

    With a new school year underway you’re making new friends
    and learning about entirely new subjects.
    Freshman Ford Blue Oval Network students, we encourage you
    to get inspired by those who have been where you are, now.
    Upperclassmen, keep extending a hand up to those around you.
    All the best this school season!

  • Ford Blue Oval Scholars

    Education is essential to achieving your goals and dreams
    and we all know the cost isn't lessening. Ford Blue Oval
    Scholars receive encouragement and opportunities
    to partner with innovative educational organizations
    around the globe.

  • Service

    Volunteering is in Ford Motor Company corporate DNA.
    Knitting team members into communities strengthens and
    improves humankind. With time and talent, caring thoughts
    can be turned into actions that make significant, lasting
    differences in the lives of those in need.