A 21st Century Food System


Experience the Aquaponics Project at Pittsburgh Solar Tour Aug. 28, 2017
Aquaponics and Aeroponics: Non-Traditional Farming Making a Splash in Pittsburgh Feb. 20, 2017

Student lead: Vinh Luong, Information science & finance

The Aquaponics Project has been in development for the past two and a half years, aiming to educate about and deploy sustainable farming systems. After developing the beta portable farming system and anaerobic digestion system, additional funding will be used to optimize the aquaponics system design. The aim is to make the system more scalable and replicable. Funding will specifically be used to help redevelop the bio filtration system at the system’s base, as well as change the greenhouse from a vertical grow system to a nutrient film technique system (to allow for a more diverse plant yield and replicable system), and also keep the system warmer so that it can function year-round.

There has been communication with two nonprofits in the Pittsburgh community who want to start developing multiple aquaponics containers to allow for more community engagement and development in the city of Pittsburgh. With the system redesign, we will be able to have a more functioning system, while also being able to teach others how to build their own systems and run their own farms, as well as events in the community.

The Aquaponics Project was established to address regional food scarcity within the Pittsburgh area. In the past year, AP has worked closely with local organizations as well as city government to design, build and deploy Pittsburgh’s first portable aquaponics facility. The integrated design will allow for better heating in the facility to produce food during winter months.