AmeriCorps VISTA


VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) supports low-income communities by strengthening local organizations, encouraging volunteer service, and generating the commitment of private sector resources. AmeriCorps VISTAs, with its commitment to social justice and utilizing the gifts of others, bring individuals and communities out of poverty.


More than 46 million Americans live in poverty. Through AmeriCorps VISTA, you can make a tangible difference in their lives. And, you’ll find the fulfillment that comes from using your knowledge and skills to help those in disadvantaged circumstances turn their dreams into reality.

What is AmeriCorps VISTA?

AmeriCorps VISTA is the national service program designed specifically to fight poverty. Authorized in 1964 and founded as Volunteers in Service to America in 1965, VISTA was incorporated into the AmeriCorps network of programs in 1993. VISTA has been on the front lines in the fight against poverty in America for more than 45 years.

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For more information, call our toll-free line at 800-942-2677 (TTY: 800-833-3722). Or, you can visit

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