The two Brazil Enactus teams that won 2014–2015 Ford College Community Challenge Building Sustainable Communities Project Partnership were selected by a panel of Ford Motor Company representatives to receive a $5,000 USD grant to implement their projects.

The Education and Research Institute—Insper Enactus team creates employment opportunities for individuals by training them to produce and sell affordable eye glasses for low-income families. Individuals employed by the program face a variety of challenges, including homelessness, unemployment and prior imprisonment. Modeled after OneDollarGlasses technology founded in Germany, individuals will be trained to produce lightweight glasses while volunteer doctors provide prescriptions. Not only will families have access to affordable glasses, the individuals producing the glasses will generate income and rebuild their lives through professional training.

The Federal Center for Technological Education Celso Suckow da Fonseca (CEFET - RJ) Enactus team will empower organic farmers to transform discarded produce into sellable products. The team has already trained a small group of farmers to produce vinegar and dried fruit by utilizing damaged produce that, while still edible, would not sell at market. Partnering with a local organic farming association, the team will introduce more farmers to sustainable practices and business skills while installing a new digester to produce electricity. As a result, the team aims to increase the farmers’ average income by 25 percent while implementing sustainable solutions to food waste.