2008 Ford C3 Winners

Howard University: HBCU Inner-City Redevelopment Model

The Howard University School of Business “HBCU Inner-City Redevelopment Model” was a significant, long-term University initiative aimed at bringing much needed economic and business development to underserved urban communities. Its goal was to create a model program that would be disseminated to other Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU's) for adoption. Howard University utilized its Ford C3 funding to kick this initiative off through the implementation of “The Small Business Consulting/Service Learning program.”

This program focused on providing technical assistance and advisory services to small businesses located adjacent to Howard University, with a particular focus on small businesses in the Georgia Avenue Corridor. MBA students with an interest in enterprise development and/or small business development served as consultants to small businesses on Georgia Avenue in Washington, D.C. as part of the program. The University leveraged Ford's grant funds by donating a building on Georgia Avenue for use as the program's office.

Howard University

University of Michigan - Dearborn: Campus of Hope

The College of Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Michigan-Dearborn (UM-Dearborn) used its Ford C3 funding to leverage campus computing technology to develop and build sustainable communities that bridge the virtual and real worlds. These communities were utilized to address pressing social problems through the a collaberation of college and high school students, the Second Life® 3-D (SL) virtual world and the Food Bank Council of Michigan (FBCM).

UM-Dearborn students built an online Campus of Hope that provided a structure for real-world project development. Working with the FBCM, students built a community among the existing statewide network of food banks by implementing a toolbox that allowed food banks to plan and optimize food pickup and delivery routes. Students then identified specific problem areas (e.g. efficient distribution of canned goods), collaboratively developed and tested solutions (e.g. minimal cost delivery route), and implemented the solution in the real world.

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University of Michigan - Dearborn

The Ohio State University: Sustainable Mobility Project

The Weinland Park area, just east of The Ohio State University (OSU), is one of the poorest communities in the United States and is an area of documented need. Over the years, the University and many Columbus civic and government organizations have collaborated to revitalize the area, in part resulting in the creation of an after-school program run by the Godman Guild Association, a non-profit social service agency.

Through the Ford C3 program, Ohio State Engineering and Business faculty and students worked together to provide a cost-effective, sustainable mobility solution to meet the needs of the Godman Guild after-school program. They provided transportation alternatives for children to and from the program since most parents do not have cars.

OSU faculty and students provided a solar recharging port and a small fleet of multi-passenger electric vehicles for this purpose. OSU Engineering students designed, tested, and fabricated the car port and tested the electric vehicles for the neighborhood.

Ohio State University logo

Purdue University: Engineering Projects In Community Service (EPICS) Green Habitat Build

EPICS, a program in Purdue University’s College of Engineering, is an innovative, service-learning approach to teaching design. Multidisciplinary teams of students partner with local community organizations to identify, design, build, and deliver solutions to meet the organization’s needs. The EPICS program has partnered with the local Habitat for Humanity organization on a variety of projects for over 10 years.

Multidisciplinary teams of students partner with local community organizations to identify, design, build, and deliver solutions to meet the community organization’s needs.

Through the Ford College Community Challenge (Ford C3), EPICS expanded its partnership for regional and national impact with the design and construction of a model Habitat home for Biotown, USA. EPICS students in the Ford C3 program designed and built an HFHI model house that balanced affordability and LEED certification. The house is built to train Habitat affiliates from the Midwest and across the country on sustainable building and green design.

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  • Purdue University

Wayne State University: SEED Wayne

SEED Wayne’s goal was to develop sustainable food systems on the Wayne State University campus and in the City of Detroit. The 2008 Ford C3 award allowed SEED Wayne to accomplish this goal by partnering with a wide variety of community organizations – including Capuchin Soup Kitchen, Gleaners, The Henry Ford, Fresh Food Access Initiative, Forgotten Harvest, and the Greening of Detroit and leveraging core university functions in teaching, research, community engagement, and food service operations.

Student leadership and participation were central to the design, implementation, and success of the program. Students built urban gardens, designed composting stations, and provided ongoing assistance to community partners in their efforts to create sustainable food production systems. Community youth leaders were cultivated in the program.

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  • SEED Wayne supports local Detroit Farmers in their 22-week farmer’s market each year.

  • Students involved with SEED Wayne also participate in growing produce for the farmer’s market in an effort to develop sustainable food systems on Wayne State’s campus.

  • SEED Wayne provides educational assistance to community stakeholders regarding healthy eating.

  • One of SEED Wayne's urban gardens.

  • Wayne State Students work in one of SEED Wayne’s urban gardens.

  • SEED Wayne works with community youth to help develop leadership skills and educate about healthy eating habits.

  • A SEED Wayne urban garden.

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