China Archive

The 2014–2015 Ford C3 Building Sustainable Communities Project Partnership brought four China and two Brazil Enactus teams into the fold as international winners selected by a panel of Ford Motor Company representatives. Brazil received a $5,000 USD grant to implement these projects.

The four China teams that won the Ford College Community Challenge were among the six participating Enactus teams directly empowering 165 people by equipping them with the skills, knowledge and resources needed to help to improve their livelihoods. As a result of the students' efforts, six new businesses and 110 new jobs were created, causing a positive ripple effect on 1,969 additional individuals.

Harbin Engineering University; Harbin, China

"[Before the project] the disabled women stayed at home without a job. After Enactus' help, they learned a skill to improve their living conditions and quality of life." ~ Harbin Engineering University Enactus

The Harbin Engineering University students taught 12 disabled women to create and sell fish skin paintings, a traditional Chinese art. In addition to producing the art, the women received training regarding pricing, marketing, online sales and negotiation skills. The Many Fish Many Fortune project also helped the women leverage a variety of sales channels, including exhibitions, online platforms and tourist shops.

To help raise awareness of the art and the women’s business, the team is also working with local government leaders to establish the art as an official souvenir of the Tongjiang area. As a result, the women have increased their incomes income and improved their social integration while promoting traditional Chinese culture.

Jilin University; Changchun, China

"Our project has met the demands of the residents as well as improved the environment of communities." ~ Jilin University Enactus

The Jilin University students created an innovative solution to reduce rural waste by converting garbage into enzymes to produce eco-friendly multi-purpose cleaners.

The Super Enzyme project executed extensive surveys to understand the market for their product. After providing samples to potential customers, the team found that 90 percent were interested in using the team’s cleaner. With the support of a Dinghua technology company, the team mass produced the product, which sold more than 700 containers in one week with plans for expansion in the future.

Nanjing Agricultural University;Nanjing, China

"Through the Ford C3 project, we have achieved professional skills and knowledge, which prepares our team members for future career development and community service." ~ Nanjing Agricultural University Enactus

The Nanjing Agricultural University students partnered with a struggling straw processing factory to teach the employees how to transform straw, which was once discarded and burned, into an eco-friendly fertilizer.

The Reborn the Straw project mastered a new technology that heats straw without oxygen, resulting in carbon fertilizer. Several tests were conducted to perfect the new fertilizer’s effectiveness. The team’s innovations benefit the factory and local farmers simultaneously. Farmers are paid to bring in their straw for recycling and the factory profits from sales of the new eco-friendly product.

Sun Yat-sen University; Guangzhou, China

"Cultivating mushrooms with abandoned banana leaves is a profitable plan ... the growth of income will greatly improve the farmers' living conditions." ~ Sun Yat-sen University Enactus

The Sun Yat-sen University students trained 21 villagers from a poor, isolated island to utilize banana leaves to cultivate and sell mushrooms. For decades, banana farms were the main source of income. However, 10 years ago, Panama disease struck the island and severely affected the crop quality and output.

The Dajisha Island project saw opportunity to transform fields of abandoned banana leaves into cost-saving mushroom fertilizer. By using organic fertilizer, the team has shown farmers how to reduce their environmental impact while generating revenue from their new mushroom sales