Ford C3 Making Lives Better

Uplifting students in higher education organizations to bring about community-building projects, which addresses pressing local needs, continues the 2018 Ford College Community Challenge theme Making Lives Better. At Ford, we understand as a truly sustainable organization, we must take an active role in the larger community, helping address a wide range of vital issues from education to community development to safe driving.

Through broader categories: Changing the Way People Move Through Smart Mobility, Driving Social Mobility and Building Sustainable Communities this Ford C3 grant program provides Ford Motor Company Fund opportunities to work with colleges and universities as they work with students to design and develop programs with initiative.

Participants are urged to think broadly and explore a variety of potential topics including infrastructure and workforce needs, education pipeline issues, and new approaches to student volunteerism, etc.


Important 2018 dates
May 31Top 20 announcement videos posted to Ford Blue Oval Network website
SummerSelection of grant winners
FallWinners' public announcement
Fall 2018 - Summer 2019Project implementation
Fall 2019$10K Challenge

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