Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Ford Blue Oval Scholar?

Ford provides scholarships through many of its community partners. You can apply for one of these many scholarships. If you are awarded a scholarship through one of these programs, you will automatically become a Ford Blue Oval Scholar.

What is the benefit of being a Ford Blue Oval Scholar?

Ford Blue Oval Scholars will have the opportunity to learn about unique opportunities with Ford Motor Company and through organizations that Ford Motor Company Fund has a relationship with. Benefits can include job, internship, fellowship and scholarship opportunities, as well as ways to volunteer in their community.

Who can I contact to find out more about this program?

Please use our convenient contact form to find out more about Ford Blue Oval Scholars.

I have received a Ford branded scholarship, how can I become registered on the Ford Blue Oval Scholars Web site?

Contact us through the contact form, and let us know which Ford branded scholarship you have received in the past. We will verify the scholarship and then notify you with log-in information.

How many years of scholarship giving does the Ford Blue Oval Scholars program go back?

The Ford Blue Oval Scholars program is anyone that has received a Ford branded scholarship in the past regardless of the year the scholarship was received.

Will I be sent emails and updates?

Yes, you will be sent emails notifying you of opportunities through Ford Motor Company. You may opt out of the emails at any time.