Ford Blue Oval Network

The Ford Blue Oval Network is a web-based network for college students participating in Ford-branded programs, both in the US and around the world. This innovative opportunity connects Ford, program activists and leaders via this dedicated website, Facebook and LinkedIn.

This website is a launching pad and host for many key Ford Motor Company Fund initiatives and contests targeting college students and high school seniors, including Ford Blue Oval Scholars, Ford College Community Challenge, Ford Community Corps, Ford HBCU College Community Challenge and Ford Driving Dreams Scholarship Competition.

Beginning in 2007, when the Ford Motor Company Fund launched the Blue Oval Scholars program to maintain contact and create meaningful interactions with Ford Motor Company scholarship winners, this website was designed for Ford scholarship winners to learn about additional scholarship opportunities, gain information about careers, volunteering tips and community service opportunities. Currently more than 1,500 scholarship winners are connected to the site through our database.

As these programs move society forward and expand worldwide, students and educators seek ways to stay connected, expand connections not only to build careers but to strengthen communities with successful projects.