For more than 10 years “Building Sustainable Communities” with United States colleges and universities is evident with results ranging from reducing water pollution to an information hub to regional toy and play technology lending library with off-the-shelf toys adapted for children with diverse abilities.

The 2019 Ford College Community Challenge winners continue the tradition of working with communities to highlight resources and benefits of the area. As designed, many of these projects thrive in their neighborhoods, designing and developing solutions to solve vital issues ranging from education to community development to safe driving. These partnering neighborhoods are becoming sustainable places in which to work and live.

A truly sustainable organization takes an active role in the neighborhood. So, the Ford C3, of the Ford Motor Company Fund, now invites students worldwide to partner with organizations in their communities to design projects, addressing critical needs of their community.

The Ford UK C3 launched in 2016, on the heels of the China and Brazil projects of 2015-16. These students are helping make people's lives better with their unique perspective to improve the quality of life among their families and neighborhoods around the world.