Ford Community Corps

Ford Community Corps

225 Students

8,560 Volunteer Hours

59 Projects

14,419+ People Served

Building a sustainable world requires vision, innovation, talent, and teamwork. To speed up the process, Ford Community Corps mobilizes the energies of academic institutions, the not-for-profit sector, student volunteers, and great ideas.

Through a network of colleges and universities, Ford Community Corps supports new initiatives for building sustainability and improving the quality of life of communities. In addition, the Ford Community Corps program recognizes scholastic achievement and encourages service to the community.

Ford Community Corps also serves as a talent bank, bringing students together with non-profit organizations that seek new solutions. Unlike traditional volunteer programs, Ford Community Corps matches each student's expertise with the skills required by a specific project. The program creates real value for both the student volunteers and the non-profit organizations serving the community.

Students participating in the Ford Community Corps utilize the skills they have developed on campus in a real-world environment. The scholars gain valuable insight in career options and are exposed to the significant roles and responsibilities of corporations in civic life. They also see firsthand the commitment of Ford Motor Company to sustainable communities, and are able to demonstrate how their own participation is making a difference in the community.

Madonna University Ford Community Corps group photo.

Madonna University's Ford Community Corps team

Each Ford Community Corps college and university partner has the flexibility to customize the program to meet their specific needs. In some cases, schools are building on existing service-learning programs, while others are launching new initiatives. The only requirement is that a school's Ford Community Corps program meets a set of five core principles:

  • Matching Interest with Needs: Programs match student talent and knowledge with specific nonprofit projects.
  • Learning and Doing in the Community: Projects created and implemented in the real world, not just on campus.
  • Strategic Service: Projects strategic with implemented spanning time—they are not one-time volunteer events.
  • Linking Academics and Service: Many student projects are linked to academic credit and scholarship awards.
  • Leveraging Existing Connections: Ford Motor Company links Ford Community Corps programs with their existing nonprofit partners.