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New Service-Learning Collaborative for Ford Community Corps Program

The Program

The College for Creative Studies introduces a Service‐Learning Collaborative initiative for the 2013-14 academic year for the Ford Community Corps Program. A SLC is an arrangement between a Not‐for‐Profit (501c3) organization in Detroit, a student, and CCS where the student is provided with work experience that is directly related to a student’s professional field of study. Funded by the Ford Community Corps Program, students will receive a stipend based on the amount of hours they contribute towards the approved collaborative project.

Program Scope

To participate, students must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Have achieved junior or senior status
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.80
  • Have their portfolio approved by their department chair to ensure their work is at the appropriate skill level to participate in the program

The SLC non-profit partners will provide the following resources for the students:

  • Career‐related work that is challenging, yet appropriate for college level juniors and seniors.
  • Clear description of the student’s responsibilities.
  • Regular feedback and follow‐up with the student to clarify expectations and answer questions.
  • A site supervisor who is willing to mentor the student and support his/her professional and creative development.
  • A safe working environment.
  • Commit to the student and the college to provide work for the course semester timeframe of 8 to 15 weeks with a minimum of either 70 or 140 hours.
  • Complete a final written evaluation and review with the student at the conclusion of the SLC.

What's Next?

Students involved in the SLC initiative will have a Faculty Sponsor that will serve as a mentor for the project. Students will also be required to meet, once a month, with their peers participating in the SLC to discuss their projects, impact and learning opportunities. Following the completion of their project, students will present their completed work to their class, as well as their observations and insights gained while working with their non-profit partner.