Madonna University

What People Are Saying

"Being involved in this program and working with FirstStep has not only helped me to gain a better understanding of how to influence and help children and families, it has also taught me how anyone can make a positive impact. I look forward to the day I have my own classroom and can use the knowledge I have gained."

Education Major, Ford Community Corps Member

"This experience was so meaningful and will help me as a future educator to get to know families who step into my classroom."

Education Major, Ford Community Corps Member

"As a member of the Ford MU Community Corps, I feel as though my role is to bring ideas and a fresh perspective to our respective projects and give insight into how it can benefit the community."

Marketing Major, Ford Community Corps Member

"The most rewarding part of this experience was learning more about the community and our specific project related to food justice. Becoming familiar and involved with specific struggles and part of the solution was extremely rewarding."

Sociology Major, Ford Community Corps Member

"I believe that the Ford Community Corps program is innovative and unique because it gives us the opportunity to get involved in a community service project of our choosing, that is geared towards our interests."

Dietetics Major, Ford Community Corps Member

"This experience expanded my mind even more to the reality of diversity. The opportunities to work and help people, devoting your time and even allowing your mind to grow outside of the box, are all benefits of the program."

Communications Major, Ford Community Corps Member

The MU Community Corps Engages Diverse Disciplines

The Program

During the 2012/13 academic year, Madonna University joined the Ford Community Corps program. Eight faculty mentors and 24 students were selected to participate in this service leadership opportunity where they matched their academic interests to specific project needs. Through the Ford Community Corps program, faculty and students partnered with non-profit organizations serving Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties.

Program Scope

  • 24 Students
  • 780 Volunteer Hours
  • 13 Projects
  • 12,120 People Served

Madonna University’s Ford Community Corps included six student teams, each completing service-learning projects that relate to their academic focus. Each team partnered with a non-profit agency to inform the design, development, planning, implementation and/or evaluation of specific projects addressing community needs.

The Team Included:


Four dietetics students partnered with the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools Autism Spectrum Disorder Adult Program. The Corps focused on sharing their knowledge of nutrition and physical activity with the members of the ASD adult program. In addition to leading several nutrition and wellness education lessons, the Corps raised over $300 for fitness equipment for their community partner.


MU’s marketing students worked with the Partnership for the Arts and Humanities of Canton to develop a marketing plan for the launch of project called the Art Factory—a multi-purpose cultural and arts facility to serve the local community. The Corps developed a full marketing plan that included a SWOT analysis, situation analysis, surveys and recommendations on creating awareness of the art factory.

Communication and Journalism

The communication and journalism Corps students partnered with the Lions Club–MU Chapter and Sweet Dreamzzz. Their projects focused on building capacity for the Lions Club by strengthening their communication strategies and fundraising efforts. In addition to assembling and distributing sleep kits at Harms Elementary. The Corps increased awareness of the importance of sleep education through a publication they created. They also partnered with the MU Lions Club to host a fundraiser that yielded more than $1,600 for sleep kits.


The Education Corps students worked to enhance their partnership with FirstStep, an organization which serves to reduce domestic violence and sexual assault. The Corps developed and implemented family activities. Designed to support mothers in their relationships with their children and other mothers, activities included a Valentine’s Day party and Movie Night. Throughout their service, the Corps built relationships with mothers and children in a genuine and caring manner.


MU’s Sociology Corps partnered with the Capuchin Soup Kitchen's Earthworks Urban Farm, an organization which strives to promote sustainable agricultural practices, nutrition and care for the Earth. The Corps provided direct service at the Urban Farm for the Growing Healthy Kids program. They identified issues of food injustice, and they also organized a fundraiser during Earth Week which yielded many in-kind donations to further support the urban farming program.

Social Work

Corps students on the Social Work team partnered with Cass Community Social Services, a Detroit-based agency that works in areas of concentrated poverty, providing food, health, housing and jobs programs. The Corps engaged in service projects that primarily served adults diagnosed with developmental and mental health disabilities. In addition to providing companionship and support for the adults, the Corps assisted adult entrepreneurs in selling items to generate their own income.