Calling college community leaders!

In this inaugural Community Impact Fellowship, we know it’s important for you to do good and empathize with your community. This is your invitation to start something amazing!

You’ll work with 10-15 selected college students, developing a proposal(s) to create an Innovation Ecosystem uniting young entrepreneurs with fresh ideas, who work on Ford branded programs all around the globe.

Clear your calendar to join your compatriots in Dearborn, Mich., June 17-20 and Aug. 19-22 when you will pitch your ideas to the FBON community. We’ll pay for your travel, but you must be available to come to Ford World Headquarters.

Your time is valuable. You’ll receive $1,000 in gift cards and the Ford Fund will donate $1,000 in your name to the nonprofit or social enterprise of your choice.

This is only the beginning. During the pilot implementation phase of this Innovation Ecosystem, 2018 Fellows will be invited to act as mentors, guides and active participants.

Download your application to join this Ford community-based project.

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