Ford Next Generation Learning

Global competitiveness depends more than ever on the role of K–12 education in establishing the strong foundation essential for preparing a 21st century workforce. Ford Motor Company Fund’s Ford Next Generation Learning is a unique and comprehensive community initiative that brings together educators, employers, and community leaders to implement a proven model for transforming secondary schools, which ultimately improves the regional workforce development system.

Ford NGL supports a growing number of communities that are committed to expanding and strengthening their networks of transformed secondary schools. These schools infuse the high expectations and academic rigor of college preparatory academic programs with the real-world relevance and rigor of career and technical education. Students choose from among career pathways across a variety of sectors that drive economic growth in their communities. Ford NGL uses the power of workplace relevance and business relationships to excite young people about education—Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math education in particular—and to prepare them for college, careers, and life.

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