Ford NGL STEAM Community Challenge

Ford NGL STEAM High School Community Challenge

Congratulations 2018 Ford NGL Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math high school Community Challenge winners!

Ford Motor Company reached out to Ford Next Generation Learning high school career academies and Powered by Ford STEAM Academies requesting proposals for the third year of the Ford STEAM High School Community Challenge. At Ford, we understand as a sustainable organization, we must play an active role in the larger community and help address a wide range of vital issues—from education to safety to mobility.

This initiative empowers students to design projects using a STEAM approach to catalyze sustainable solutions, addressing critical issues in their communities.

Winning proposals creatively addressed tangible, unmet needs surrounding building a sustainable community. Participants were urged to think broadly and explore a variety of potential topics, including infrastructure and workforce needs, education pipeline issues, design issues, new approaches to student volunteerism, etc., with a STEAM focus.

To learn more about this contest, and other programs, visit the Ford Next Generation Learning site.

$20,000 Winner

The Text of Least Resistance
Academy of IT and Robotics @Spruce Creek High School; Academy of Information Technology Robotics; Volusia County, Fla.; Port Orange, Fla.

The Text of Least Resistance is a smartphone application that enables people in disaster areas to communicate with emergency response as well as their family and friends. TOLR uses a technology called wifi direct to send messages from phone to phone until the message gets to a person with internet or cellular service. This effectively crowdsources a communication network using idle smartphones within the disaster-stricken area. TOLR will allow people in emergencies to send data about their situation without the need for internet or cellular service saving lives in the process.

$10,000 Winner

Project: Powerhouse
Utica Center for Science and Industry; PbF STEAM Academy: Utica Center of Science and Industry, Sterling Heights, Mich.

In our project, we aimed to reduce the amount of harmful resources used to create electrical energy. We decided that one of the best places to create clean, renewable energy, was a gym, where a lot of centripital force goes to waste. We created a gear system, which could be used in a variety of different gym equipments, as to harness this centripital motion, and create energy, through a turbine system. This energy would then go toward charging batteries which would be used at the gym owner's will to power their building, and could even help make it self sustaining. This would then lower the amount of harmful resources that are used in the creation of electricity.

$5,000 Winners

The STEM Extension Project
Newton College and Career Academy; Newton County, Ga.; Covington, Ga.

The STEM Extension Project makes an impact using a modified school bus to teach STEM Education, Career skills, and Community engagement. As a team of students, we work in tangent with our Education instructors and Business associates to develop the bus. All efforts go towards the enriching of Newton County to foster a STEM workforce able to hold the many manufacturing jobs available.

Pick Up and Charge Up
Harlingen South High School; Rio Grande Valley, Texas

The Harlingen South Hawks Engineering Club is competing once again in the 2018 Ford STEAM Challenge. We came up with an idea to help our community. A device that would be a new and improved Recycling bin. An individual would be able to place a plastic bottle or aluminum can inside, and the device would scan to verify the object, and then allow a person to charge their phone for an extra 10% boost. It is recycling but with an incentive.

X-treme STEAM Comic Book Program and Competition
Cathedral City High School and Palm Desert High School; Digital Arts and Technology Academy; Coachella Valley, Calif.; Cathedral City and Palm Desert; Calif.

We're a community team of kids who started an outreach program called KICS (kids inspiring communities) when we were 9 years old and are now getting ready to graduate. We want to leave behind a legacy program that will inspire kids the next generation of kids to get excited about reading and writing through STEM by creating an annual Digital Comic book competition. Our partners have agreed to work together to keep the program alive after we are gone, by conducting free camps at the housing coalition's kids clubs. Kids will use the software, technology, cameras and programming to learn how to tell stories using STEM concepts that will be judged at the Palm Springs Comic Con.

Clearwater High School; Pinellas County, Fla.; Clearwater, Fla.

Research indicates that elementary and middle school students have a lack of technical ability that serves as an essential foundation for advancing their academic career in STEAM (Science Technology Engineering, Aerospace / Arts and Mathematics) related course work. Utilizing STEAM curriculum, this student led initiative will assist in preparing elementary and middle school students from all socioeconomic backgrounds for high level academic courses in high school and beyond. Our team will apply project based learning through collaborative structures in our summer program. This program will expose our partners (schools - Saint Petersburg College and feeder elementary and middle schools) participants to a wide range of activities that would include labs, research based field trips, developing models, employing digital content and having fun! The grant will be utilized to seed our program, that will become a long term school initiative implemented by our STEAM Student Leadership Team.


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