Georgia Tech Engineers for a Sustainable World Greenhouse

Georgia Institute of Technology

What if your closest source of fresh produce is more than a mile away and you do not have a vehicle to get to those green, leafy veggies? Now, what if when you get to the produce vendor the cost is prohibitive and you must weigh the benefits against those of fresh milk, protein, cereal?

Finding a solution to a problem of this complexity requires partners and the Hydroponic Team, through the student organization Engineers for a Sustainable World, set the collaboration ball in motion. They also brought Sharing Educating Empowering Dreams Successfully Global, dedicated to healing food deserts with hydroponic farming in Atlanta, on board. SEEDS Global highlights education and outreach portions of the project as well as bringing hydroponics supplies connections to the table. The second community partner, Atlanta Community Food Bank, will facilitate putting the cultivated produce to the kitchens of Atlanta families.

This all starts with the proposal to design and construct a hydroponic, aquaponic and aeroponic systems greenhouse on the Georgia Tech campus. While fish may play a part in feeding the plants, the result aims to be an eco-friendly system, budget-friendly to the community families. Eventually these systems will provide jobs in metro Atlanta area.

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