Kenya C3

University of Eldoret; Eldoret, Kenya

An estimated 30 per cent of food produced by farmers goes to waste due to inadequate storage. The University of Eldoret students seek to reduce food waste and protect the income of farmers by designing and building solar powered cold rooms to provide an affordable storage solution.

The team’s design includes low cost materials and sensor-based technology that can monitor the storage environment and alert users via SMS to changes in temperature and humidity. Farmers can subscribe to the cold room at daily, weekly or monthly rates, allowing farmers to store their food year-round at an affordable price. The team estimates that the project will break even in less than three months, considering costs including construction, supervision, maintenance and cleaning.

University of Nairobi; Nairobi, Kenya

The University of Nairobi students will partner with Ukweli Home of Hope, local rehabilitation centers that serve “street children”—children who are forced to live and work on the streets.

The aim of the project is to create handicrafts, such as wall hangings, handbags, clothes and jewelry, using mostly recycled material that sell with generous profits to financially support rehabilitation efforts while providing a creative outlet for the participating youth.

The team will train caregivers and youth while engaging in mentorship and follow up programs with the youth to provide stability and reduce the risk of the children returning to the streets. Ultimately, the team aims to impact more than 300 youth and provide a financially stable, eco-friendly solution to sustainably support the work of Nairobi’s rehabilitation centers.