"Ford First Gen" launches at Spelman College

Atlanta —A long-time supporter of education, the Ford Motor Company Fund is launching a first-of-its-kind program at Spelman College to... more

Hafez Al-Moussa friends, Rida (left) and Amin, tending Townbee hives. KPMG is the latest company to embrace rooftop beehives.A community hive

A yield beyond measure

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Pony car promise delivered

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia — Ford has delivered on its promise to gift a retired university English literature professor her dream car – a 2018... more

The 2018 class of Ford Blue Oval scholars.Unlimited potential earns $100,000 in scholarships

Detroit, Mich. — "Know that you are capable of more than you can fathom," Whitney Griffin, president, Detroit Young Professionals said to 120... more