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  • Dearborn, Mich. — Do you know an Unsung Hero in the greater Houston area?

    In every community there are individuals who go above and beyond to positively impact countless lives. Their stories deserve recognition. In honor of the outstanding achievements of Unsung Heros in the African American community, Ford Motor Company is launching a search for such individuals who deserve recognition for selfless acts during Hurricane Harvey.

    To be considered for an award, nominees should be people whose actions in response to Hurricane Harvey uplifted the Greater Houston region and moved the community forward.

    Honorees will be recognized at a special Black History month event and program held on Feb. 12, in the Bell Tower in Houston.

    All nominations must be completed and postmarked or received by email no later than Jan. 22, in order to be considered by the Board of Judges. Recipients will be notified in early February.

    To enter

    Submit the name and address and telephone number of both your nominee and yourself as the nominator.

    Write a 500 word, or less, compelling summary describing what distinguishes your nominee as an individual, including information highlighting how the nominee’s actions benefitted the lives of others during the Harvey crisis.

    Recipients must be present at the program in February.

    Mail nominations to: Ford Motor Company World Headquarters
    Attention: Angela Polk, One American Road 214-E1, Dearborn, MI 48126
    Nominations can also be submitted via email to:

    All rights to winning submissions are property of Ford Motor Company Fund.