Woah, Brightmoor Maker Space Half Way There

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  • Dearborn, Mich. — Officially, Friday is the halfway point, so the time is right for you to put the Brightmoor Maker Space in line for a $25,000 bonus.

    The Brightmoor neighborhood may have a familiar ring for Ford fans since the neighborhood non-profit won a Heart Behind the Oval essay contest a few years ago. The award funded a large water catchment system, which helps water 21 raised garden beds.

    Fast forward to an empty 3,200 square-foot building. In the Brightmoor tradition this maker space will not only provide a safe place to launch an idea, but to nurture designs, start businesses, experiment with cutting-edge technology … a universal starting block.

    Now, the Stamps School of Art & Design is behind this crowd-funding campaign, but it isn’t necessary to wear maize and blue to support this project. While gifts must be processed before the June 30 deadline, when the $25,000 goal is reached the Michigan Economic Development Corporation matching funds kick in. So, tax-deductible donations are doubled; and then this activates the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation two-year $100,000 award.