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Nottingham Trent University; Nottingham, United Kingdom

The Nottingham Trent University team is creating a vertical farming business in partnership with The Refugee Forum, an organization dedicated to supporting refugees as they rebuild their lives and integrate into society. Through vertical farming, the team's Sustainability, Education, Empowerment, Development project seeks to address urgent needs of local refugees, including lack of nutritious food, income, education and integration.

Project SEED not only creates a social enterprise in which nutritious produce is harvested and sold as a means of income, it also creates a social space for the community. Language classes and culinary workshops will be held to provide training for refugees seeking employment in the food industry. In addition, community and social eating events will be hosted, using the produce harvested, to aid social integration.

University of Kent; Canterbury, United Kingdom

Through Project Cantuta, the students of University of Kent are empowering 26 elderly beneficiaries in a remote South Eastern region of Peru.,/p>

The team's project creates a soap enterprise that incorporates naturally sourced honey. By partnering with a local healthcare center, the enterprise will provide an economically-priced soap for the community in need of affordable hygienic products. An upmarket soap will also be produced for tourists and restaurants for an additional revenue stream. Local participants will be involved in all areas of the business, from harvesting the honey, to preparing the soap, to packaging the product. Ultimately, the team aims to create a self-sustaining soap enterprise that incorporates 150 locals in the next three years.

University of Nottingham; Nottingham, United Kingdom

The University of Nottingham student’s Re-covered project collects furniture from households that would have otherwise gone to the landfill.

In an area where nearly 800 items of furniture are collected by waste services per week, the team's project creates employment and volunteer opportunities for community members to repair and sell the discarded furniture to provide affordable options for low-income families. The Friary, a local organization that serves homeless and vulnerable adults, has partnered with the team to connect their clients to the employment and volunteer opportunities offered by Re-covered. The team's ultimate goal is to transfer ownership of this budding social enterprise to the Friary t o create long-term environmental and economic impact.